9 Steps for Sticking With Your Marketing Plan

9 Steps for Sticking With Your Marketing PlanConsistency is important when you’re trying to implement a long-term marketng plan, so resist the temptation to abandon a strategy if it doesn’t work immediately. Give it time to work. These nine steps can help you make the most of your well-crafted plan:

  1. Every day, be renewed by your vision.Your mind can be your greatest asset or your most tiring obstacle. So begin your day by renewing your mind with the clarifying power of your vision. When W. Clement Stone and Earl Nightingale both said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” they knew these were far more than simple words on a page. There simply is no substitute for the power of belief. When you believe, obstacles that would throw your entire day into chaos suddenly become bleeps that you just intuitively know how to solve without expending valuable time or energy. Don’t laugh this off as touchy-feely. This is one of the most inexpensive and profitable investments you’ll ever make in yourself. Just do it.
  2. Focus on your niche.Become the expert in all things involving your niche. Don’t limit your

3 Marketing Claims That Hurt Your Reputation

3 Marketing Claims That Hurt Your ReputationThere are wild claims being made, and leads/customers are falling for the well-written but slightly deceptive copy. The result ends up being a negative perception of all marketing that lumps different businesses in the same category. It’s caused people to be more suspicious and hesitate to make a buying decision with a legitimate business.

There are three marketing claims that quickly kill reputations, and as successful entrepreneurs will attest, a business lives and dies by its reputation. These marketing claims hurt your reputation, and as a result, kill your businesses growth. Don’t using these in your efforts to market and grow your business.

1. Specific income results.  

Every day I can log onto Facebook and see entrepreneurs advertising their webinar that teaches people how to host “five-figures webinars” or make a “six-figure income from your book.” Making specific income claims is dangerous because it could lead to legal problems and more.

Frank Kern, the legendary marketer, was sued by the FTC, in part, because of advertising specific income results. You may have used your system to make five or six figures, but that doesn’t mean anyone else (much less everyone else) who uses your system will. The truth is, most will

8 Psychological Insights Into the Brain That Will Improve Your Marketing

8 Psychological Insights Into the Brain That Will Improve Your MarketingWhat this means is that buyers act in certain ways because they’rewired to do so. The mind’s cognitive biases, tendencies and proclivities all play a role in the marketing process. When it comes to the psychology of purchasing, here are eight actionable tips to improve your own company’s marketing ability.

1. The brain is wired to make sudden, impulsive decisions and purchases.

According to data from Chase, Gallup and Harris Interactive, most people make impulse purchases. Regardless of the demographic, every type of person at some point will make a sudden and unplanned purchase.

As the entrepreneur offering the products or services under consideration, you can capitalize on the “impulse buy” phenomenon by asking customers to:

  • buy now
  • try it now
  • shop now
  • get it now
  • subscribe now

According to psychological research, “the reptilian” brain (the neocortex) expresses itself in: people’s obsessive-compulsive tendencies, the flight-or-fight response and the actions people take in response to urgencies. These are precisely the factors that inspire impulse purchases.

Now is the powerful word here that can trigger an impulse buy.

2. The brain processes images faster than text.

It’s widely accepted that the brain processes visual content faster than text. And, here, images are

How to Improve Your Online Marketing Strategies

In today’s digital age, it’s near impossible for any business to get by without some kind of online presence. Even small, locally-based businesses are finding that today, it’s difficult to market their company and the products/services that they offer without getting online and setting up a website or profiles on social media sites. When it comes to online marketing, however, business owners and marketers are probably more than aware that the competition is fierce, with pretty much every single business out there fighting for the top spot and recognition online. If you’re struggling with putting together a highly effective online marketing strategy, we’ve got some top tips to help you out.

Online Reviews

No matter the kind of business that you run, online reviews, such as these reviews of Sun Bingo, can be an excellent method of increasing the effectivity of your marketing strategy and plans. Online reviews can be gained in a variety of different ways, whether you allow customers to leave reviews on your website and social media profiles, encourage customers to leave reviews on third-party review sites, or even send your products to popular bloggers and vloggers and ask

Results Driven Marketing via SEO consultant in Sydney

With the advent of digital technology, many businesses and companies are given the opportunity to leverage their profit and increase their marketing through online means. Online platform has successfully created a great podium for businesses to double their ROI, and at same time, turn their website visitors into loyal customers. Indeed, they’ve already embraced ROI marketing with the application of efficient and sophisticated measurement strategy in service of optimizing results and marketing spending. But along with these extensive opportunities is also the presence of tight competition in the online scene, which makes it difficult for many online marketers to place their business on top.

Nowadays, as online realm is becoming complex, more and more professional  SEO services in Sydney are trying different ways on how they can transform their marketing effort into a more productive and result-driven one. And due to this complexities and challenges present in online market, it is just imperative to say that marketers and businesses needs to have a result-driven marketing for their corporate survival, and for the chance of increasing their sales and create opportunities to drive leads. Just like any other effort involved in the promotion of your business, you’ll

How to Turn Your Business into a Brand

The life of a small business owner is not easy at all. Small business owners have to face a series of problems throughout their entrepreneurial journey. Starting your own business might be an exciting time, but it’s also going to be an uphill struggle. You will have to work very hard for small, insignificant successes. If you believe in your product and feel that you can make a difference, you must remain dedicated and work tirelessly towards your dream. However, as a business owner, it’s difficult to operate in such testing times.

After the market crash of 2008, many new industries popped up across the country. People who had been laid off from their jobs decided to start up their own businesses. At a time when demand was already low, new businesses were being opened across the globe. The cost of consumer acquisition went on the rise as companies began spending millions of dollars each month just to market their products. If you want to make your business grow, branding is the most important thing.

Turning your business name into a brand is not going to be easy. All the world’s biggest businesses have their own

Finding Local Chinese Takeaway

When you are looking for great Chinese delivery, there are numerous options around Bristol. You’re hungry, and you don’t want to spend half an hour searching through menus and delivery areas, or going to collect your food if delivery isn’t available. When you want a night in with delicious Chinese food, the easiest thing to do is have a favourite restaurant that you call every time. It should be a place you know and trust for reliable and fast delivery and offer plenty of delicious choices on the menu.

Popular Starters

One of the best things about ordering Chinese takeaway is the menu, which normally offers a variety of enjoyable dishes. It’s fun to get at least one starter, or more if you are eating with family or friends. Spring rolls, crispy seaweed, and chicken wings are all good choices. They’re fun finger foods to share with your friends or enjoy yourself. If you prefer soup, you can find traditional hot and sour soup at most Chinese restaurants. For those who prefer something different, some menus include vegetable or chicken and mushroom soup.

Main Dishes

After a delicious starter, it’s time to move on

The Top Most Successful Network Marketing Tips

TIP! Take the time to find prospecting leads. Good leads are the best way to generate new revenue.

Yet, with a little knowledge, you’ll see that network marketing is not that hard. You will find your network marketing efforts more rewarding if you try out some of the tips below.

TIP! Visualizing your goals is very important in network marketing. This might sound like very general advice, but this is actually the starting point of a good campaign.
It’s always a good idea to consult with consumer watchdogs entities prior to making any commitment. While many companies are legitimate, there is a fair share of bad ones too. Before making a commitment, check to ensure that it is the right company for your needs. Check things out with a company, like the BBB, who has reviews of other companies.

TIP! In there is one thing that never fails to draw people in, it is a great deal! When deciding which network marketing company to work with, find one that offers coupons that you can use as part of your marketing strategy. There are several marketing strategies you can use that involve coupons.

Determine which people are going to be interested in hearing about your

Seven Internet Marketing Tips to Improve Your Productivity and Make More Cash

Internet Marketing Tips 1

Establish very clear targets for your business and for your monthly, once a week and day-to-day tasks. These must be very specific, in writing, have a day for conclusion and be quantifiable and measured. It aids if you write them down, read them daily and consider them in the present tense; as though they have actually been completed.

Internet Marketing Tips 2

Invest 90% of your time on cash making activities. Those consist of advertising and marketing or generating leads, interacting with those leads, interacting with people already on your list or in your organization, and developing content. The material you put out on your blog or in your write-ups or video clips is exactly how you establish value and draw in folks to you. Your success or failure with these activities will certainly determine whether or not you make money online. Fancying up your blog header is not always a cash making activity so don’t spend a lot of time in that sort of activity.

Internet Marketing Tips 3

Produce routines for every little thing you do. Similar to the way you have a specific routine for the various exercises you perform in a physical body building routine, so too

How Info graphics Are Useful For Business Promotion

The marketing gurus are always turning their sights to new possibilities and ways to think outside the box. There is nothing wrong with some of the conventional options for creating a marketing plan, but if you want your promotional ideas to stand out from the rest then you need to be different. One option that has proved its ability to perform is the info graphic and there are a few reasons why. The first thing to realize when considering an info graphic is that unless it is done correctly, it will be a waste of time.

Shared access

The best option of employing the perfect info graphic is to seek out the services of an experienced branding firm in Manhattan. With the knowledge and expertise of qualified personnel in your corner, you can be sure that your information will make it to all the relevant social sites. Info graphics are easy to share and because they are usually very eye catching the desire to share them will always be there. It is not unrealistic to expect your info graphic to make it around the world in a few days either.

Noticeable and Attractive

One of the greatest selling points of an info graphic is

6 Marketing Tips for New Companies

1. Cater to your audience.

When launching a product, you want to know exactly who will be buying it and how to reach that market. You will use very different marketing strategies for 12-16 year old girls than you would for 35-50 year old men. That should be obvious.

But you need to know more than the kinds of ads that will appeal to these groups. You also need to know the best channels to use to get your ads or content to the group you are trying to target. People under 21 are more likely to be hooked by Snapchat advertising, while it is unlikely that people over 30 even know what Snapchat is.

2. Know your product and vision.

You cannot convince other people to use your product if you do not know the ins and outs of it yourself. Know everything possible about your what you are trying to sell, even its shortcomings and weaknesses.

You will inevitably get questions, and you will inevitably get complaints. The worst thing your marketing team can do is to be caught unprepared without appropriate responses. The first step of training anyone on your marketing team should be to familiarize them with the product they will

7 Freelance Marketing Tips For Anyone With Limited Time And Budget

Be Consistent

Creating a consistent image is paramount in marketing and costs you nothing. Consistency is equated with quality and reliability in our society; it’s unspoken yet universally assumed. You can experiment with your message, but too much creates uncertainty in the mind of your prospects, making them harder to convert into clients.

Leverage Your Efforts

When you leverage your efforts, the work that you do has a multiplying effect. Reusing or reworking existing content is one way you to achieve that end. Spend time putting together or reviewing your existing resume. Keep this information in one document to re-use as needed, ensuring you present a consistent image.

Education and prior employment are basic information, but make sure to spend some time developing your elevator pitch. That’s a short 140 character sentence that describes yourself. Maybe you’re a “Budding young graphic designer looking to prove himself to the world,” and that’s fine. The key is to be consistent in saying who you are. Make sure to update this as your level of experience and reputation expands.

Google Yourself Regularly

Log out of Google, if you’re on it, and type your name into the world’s most famous search engine. What do you see? Whatever it is will

26 Tips for Improving Your Social Media Marketing

#1: Add Audio

If audio wasn’t part of your foray into social media, it may be time to embark on a new adventure.

Recording audio entails choosing your message, selecting a program that permits recording and editing, finding a microphone that fits your budget and needs and deciding where to host your finished product.

In some cases you may want to find an application or individual to transcribe the audio files for people who prefer reading.

#2: Beef Up Blogging

There are myriad ways to blog—long-form, short-form (microblogging), image-only and more.

Your regular blog is a good place to write longer-form posts when needed. To get the most out of your efforts, make sure your blog is mobile-friendly. You can test it with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase shorter posts for a “less is more” approach.

No matter how or where you blog, choose the option that’s right for you and your schedule, then update consistently.

#3: Coax New Life Into Old Content

Evergreen content is your friend. Find your most popular posts and those that rank highly and update them as needed. Then reshare them across your social channels to draw new attention to those articles.

A good way to ensure you have the most

8 Tremendousness Straightforward Tips For Successful Marketing On The Internet

Internet marketing is the future of advertising, because it’s already a firmly established market that is here to stay. The advice in this article can give you guidance in bringing in more revenue.

Internet Marketing Tip 1:

You can increase your site traffic by blogging. It is important to update your content and keep it current by updating it regularly. People are far more likely to revisit your site if they realize that they will see new content each time they view it.

Internet Marketing Tip 2:

You have to regularly update your content on your website and keep it as current as possible. Visitors to your site that see outdated information may believe that your company is floundering and that getting in touch with you would be a waste. Readers are attracted to a website that is updated frequently and easy to use.

Internet Marketing Tip 3:

Few things incite potential customers to make a purchase like a juicy, limited-time offer. You may offer free shipping to a limited number of shoppers, for instance, or you may give away gift-wrapping to those who make orders prior to a given date. In order to make this offer as compelling as possible, emphasize exactly when it will

The Best Content Marketing Tips You’ll Ever Read

Tip #1 – You Need A Blog To Tell Your Story
Step one, you need a blog. It doesn’t really matter how big you are – you need one. While you’re at it, you should make sure that it’s built on WordPress. It will give you he most flexibility down the road.

In addition, you need to know why you need a blog. If you work in a company, you are going to need to justify this blog to someone eventually. If you are a small business owner, you are going to need to justify the time invested to yourself because let’s face it – you’re it. Your time is your greatest asset.

Every business has a story, and it’s up to you to make sure your story is told. One of the first things you learn in business is that people connect to people, not your brand or a faceless corporation. A blog can tell your story, share you expertise, and provide you with a human connection to your customers.

In addition, your blog is one of the keys to your social media awesomeness. I often refer to this as the hub and spoke model. The content that you create on your

Five Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Marketing

Generating leads is critically important to keep a business healthy. No customers, no business. So, it’s imperative to develop a marketing plan that provides a structure for consistent, ongoing marketing efforts. However, there are a number of relatively simple things that every business can do that will improve their visibility in the marketplace and that will allow them to take advantage of marketing opportunities when they arise.

Claim Your Local Accounts – Local search, particularly for small business that serve a limited localized area, is hugely important. Search engines are now leveraging users physical location and serving them results based on proximity. If your local accounts are not set up and optimized your business will be invisible. While there are dozens of databases out there that you may be listed in, the most important step is to hit the high value targets. These would be (in order of importance) Google, Bing, Yelp, and YP. There are handful of tools out there that let you assess your business profile in

local accounts but I have found Moz Local – to be very helpful. Run your domain through and start knocking down the erroneous or absent information. As you begin the process of claiming

3 Millennial Marketing Tips From Taylor Swift

The success of the singer-songwriter’s endeavors comes as no surprise. Beyond her musical talent lies a business acumen that knows how to market. You would have to be a marketing connoisseur to do what she and her team have done: bring back CDs and sell $280 million in tickets worldwide.

Suffice it to say that Taylor Swift is an under-30 marketing master, with plenty to teach. Here are some helpful T-Swift takeaways:

1. Use FOMO for good.

FOMO, otherwise known as “fear of missing out,” is a powerful force for millennials and stems from the creation of a meaningful community. As with any force, FOMO can be used for evil or good: It can make consumers feel special or it can prompt feelings of isolation and weakened self-esteem.

For this reason, marketers need

How visual communication can help clients value content strategy in responsive projects

If you’ve ever tried to explain what you do as a content strategist to your Great Aunt Rose, your cab driver or some guy at your friend’s wedding, you know that eyes can glaze over pretty quickly. The practice of content strategy varies 
greatly depending on if you work as a consultant with clients or in-house with a product team, and it sometimes requires us to clarify just what we do on a project. We might find ourselves having to explain the importance of content strategy to a skeptical CEO or wanting to communicate a great idea that is crystal clear in our heads but clear as mud for the people on our team.

I’ve worked on many projects in which I didn’t feel “designer” enough to make design recommendations. I worried I’d be laughed out of the room. I thought: I’ll work with the words and the organization, and they can work with the visuals. But that didn’t necessarily help me get any better at communicating with the many different people I work with — or better at my own work. As content strategists working on digital products, we’re constantly working with teams that are made up of designers, product

7 Online Marketing Tools That Are Totally Worth the Investment

After all, some tools are free. Some tools are really complicated. Some are insanely expensive. The point being that with marketing tools, it’s hard to make the right decision.

There are so many alternatives available, and if you haven’t had the chance to experiment with different ones, choosing with confidence becomes especially difficult.

The following list should help. I created it for the agency marketer who’s “trying to do it all.” For the entrepreneur who’s “trying to get her business off the ground.” For the experienced digital marketer who “wants to improve his game.”

Consider this your online marketing-tool cheat sheet — one that can help you skyrocket your marketing.

1. Email marketing (and more): InfusionSoft

What it does: InfusionSoft is a bit on the pricey side, but it’s a powerful tool. Its best features are its automation features, which make it insanely effective for marketing campaigns. My delivery rates with InfusionSoft have been excellent!

How much it costs: InfusionSoft is a powerful yet costly email marketing tool. A one-time startup fee of around $2,000 will get you set up. Thereafter, fees range from $199 to $599 per month.

Why it’s worth it: InfusionSoft saves a lot of time. You’ll have to learn the system and get it set up. But once you’ve completed the setup, it’s pretty smooth sailing.

The 5 Ultimate Content-Marketing Tools

Content marketing is fast becoming the standard. While the premise of providing valuable content for your consumers is great for relationship building and creating die-hard fans, it can take time and energy to properly manage.

All the typical social-media platforms and marketing tools must be deployed and consistently updated with content. That can be overwhelming as you try to wrap your arms around managing the writing skills, social-media skills, video-production skills and project-management skills required to create powerful campaigns.

Fear not! There are businesses that have thought of the content-creation needs of entrepreneurs just like you and have created great tools to help. Here is a list of the five ultimate content-marketing tools you need to help you get started creating great campaigns.

1. ClearVoice

ClearVoice is a complete content-marketing ecosystem. Flexible and efficient workflow software is paired with a marketplace that brings together branding, content creation and publisher communities for creative collaboration.

As a company, connect with talented content creators and influencers to bring content ideas to life. Build your strategy around trending topics with the platform’s content intelligence tools and manage the creation process through a single dashboard.

Are you a content creator? Consider joining the ClearVoice marketplace as a contributor and build freelance relationships. Set your

The Online Marketing Myth That Hooks Every New Entrepreneur

Marketing is a practical necessity for all businesses — big, small, new or old. But, unlike other business needs that are fairly cut-and-dried (think accounting), marketing is a bit more qualitative in its approach.

In fact, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different strategies to choose from, and conflicting information can sometimes be an issue in trying to make sense of them.

As a result of this somewhat imprecise and less-than-predictable nature of marketing, there are several myths about it that persist in the entrepreneurial community. There are big myths — like the idea that marketing is only a tool to increase sales — and small myths, like the one that says paid advertising is the only way to get seen on social media.

Why the myth hooks so many entrepreneurs

It should be fairly obvious why the myth is appealing. If there’s a guaranteed strategy out there to earn you more visibility and sales, it gives credence to your marketing efforts and reduces any perceived risk of investing in it.

If, sooner or later, you stumble on the “right” marketing strategy, you’ll make money no matter what. The reality, that marketing is often unpredictable and rarely works the same for any two different businesses, is scary and intimidating.

Sources of the myth


5 Online Marketing Basics Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Entrepreneurs spend a considerable amount of time learning how to boost their businesses. Marketing is key to the success of a business and online marketing is ever so important. According to Constant Contact,  84 percent of people say that the biggest difference in small businesses between now and five years ago is the use of more online marketing tools.

Every entrepreneur needs to be familiar with these five concepts to maximize online marketing results.

1. Upselling and customer loyalty are profitable.

The standard online campaign is expected to sell products profitably. This is also referred to as “single sale campaigns” because each sale is meant to be profitable. These campaigns can turn out to be unprofitable due to rising advertising costs and price wars. One solution is to make it profitable with upsells and the life time value of a newly acquired customer.

It is much easier to sell to existing customers than to acquire a new one. Consequently, create a strategy that increases the amount of items or services they order once they have come to trust you.

2. Look-alike audiences do work.

Let someone else do the heavy lifting. By installing a few pixels you can allow advertising platforms to collect data about your customers and learn more about their online behaviors. These pixels will then work